Journey through time, explore ancient cultures, and create your own civilizations with Though the Ages: Minecraft. Using game-based learning, participants will travel across 6 eras in human history, from the Paleolithic Era to the Industrial Revolution, and practice the Science of Reading along the way. 

This course is recommended for grades 2-5 with no prior experiences needed. It is best suited for students who:

  • Have interest in Minecraft or collaborative gaming
  • Learn well through hands-on experience
  • May be struggling with engagement in Language Arts or Social Studies


6 Minecraft Edu Worlds

Game-based Curriculum

Comprehensive Lesson Plans

Course Breakdown

In this course, students are introduced six eras of human history through custom-built Minecraft Edu worlds that simulate the different eras.

The Paleolithic Era

The Neolithic Era

The Iron Age

The Classical Era

The Middle Ages

The Industrial Revolution

In this course, students will:

Discover, design, and recreate historical wonders

Explore antient cultures and customs

Engage in immersive storytelling

Strengthen collaboration and digital citizenship skills

Bring to Your School

Hardware/Software Requirements

  • Laptop or desktop running Windows or macOS
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Headphones
  • Minecraft Education Edition (one license per student)
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