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Education veterans using technology to meet students where they are.

United States Academic Esports League
Mastery Coding and Rally Cry Partnership

USAEL is Operated by Industry Experts

The United States Academic Esports League is designed, led, and managed by the best.

Mastery Coding, experts in creating cutting edge curriculum, and Rally Cry, esports veterans with decades of experience building community, come together to offer an unparalleled experience for students and staff.

The USAEL believes in a better future through gaming, and seeks to empower educators with the best tools to create that future for young people everywhere. Competitions that engage, curriculum that inspires, and careers that empower.

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Our Mission

Esports Leads to Opportunities

In a world changed by technology, the USAEL strives to help students use their passion for video games to take advantage of opportunities. Opportunities for internships, scholarships, and high-paying career pathways.

Turn your gamers into makers.

Channel your students’ passion for gaming into college and career opportunities.

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About Rally Cry

Rally Cry is a team of games industry veterans who power organized gaming for players of all ages and skill levels.

United in the belief that games are a force for good, the Rally Cry team has storied histories designing and managing some of the most notable programs in esports, including Tespa, BlizzCon, Overwatch League, and many others.

Rally Cry offers the world's most secure esports platform and end-to-end esports operations.

About Mastery Coding

Founded by a team of education veterans, Mastery Coding empowers students to meet the challenges of tomorrow through intelligent technology education.

Using a research-based approach to instruction, we provide standards-based computer science, CTE, and STEM curricula that combines critical thinking, integrated academics, and project-based learning.

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Need to start an esports program?

We have everything you need.

Already have an esports program?

We help teams and players take their game to the next level.

Want to turn your gamers into makers and provide career opportunities?

We have award-winning, standards-aligned PBL courses.

Wherever you are on the journey of bringing esports to your school, we are here to help.

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