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It's not just kids playing video games, there's more to it. Don't be afraid to try something new. It can really give students who don't have a place to fit in an area where this is their forte. Something that will help them connect in the education process.

Jim D'Agostino, Ed. D

Santiago Charter Middle School

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Math Teacher & Esports Coach

Santiago Charter Middle School

The biggest thing that I've learned through working with the students and going through the curriculum is building a team and working on communication skills. Those are skills that not only help them within the classroom but they can also take outside of school and into the real world.

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The students learned a lot; a considerable amount about teamwork, and how to win, and how to lose, and how to be respectful. From the parent side - I really really liked the program.

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Academic Improvement Specialist

Standard School District

The kids are super excited about Esports. They love gaming together and Esports has brought in this whole group of kids that don't normally get connected in those extra activities, and so we've really tapped into a new group of kids.

So many of the students were telling me, 'I really like gaming,' and that's what they want to go into for a career field. So I figured, why not get involved with that idea. I looked into it and the USAEL had a really good curriculum built up, so we decided to go with them. I haven't seen students this dedicated before.

Robert Rose

Associate Coordinator
‍Lima City Schools Adult Education - Aspire

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