Supplemental (45 hr +)

Grades 6-12

Pathway Esports

Pathway Esports is an academic esports toolkit designed to help your school get started with meaningful and healthy esports education.


Pathway Esports combines the rigors of competitive gaming and building a team with traditional STEAM and SEL based educational connections. Students will have a hands-on opportunity to participate in their very own team from the ground up while learning about important personal skills like: time management, competitive etiquette, positive mindsets, and more.

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Video-based Lessons

Capstone Project

Self-Grading Quizzes

Course Breakdown

In this course, students are introduced to the world of esports and competitive gaming.

Major Esports

Building a Team

Practice & Team Readiness

Career Opportunities

Hosting a Tournament

Use Pathway Esports to:

Build a gaming community and bring competitive esprts to your school

Channel passions for esports and gaming into career opportunities

Help students discover new career paths that align with their interests

Develop readiness for internships and workforce

Bring to Your School
Two esports players celebrating mid match.

Hardware/Software Requirements

  • Laptop or desktop running Windows or macOS
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Headphones

* Additional hardware and software requirements depending on selected esport

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