Supplemental (45 hr +)

Grades 7-12

Career Explorations in Esports

This one-of-a-kind elective allows students to explore a variety of high-paying professions inside the dynamic industry of esports.

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The benefits of esports aren’t just for players; there are plenty of pathways in esports careers beyond being a professional gamer. In this course, students will learn about the multitude of careers in the esports industry, what a "day in the life" looks like for those professions, and the skills and education needed to pursue such careers.

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30 hours of Curricular Content


Video, Presentation, and Activity-Based Lessons


Capstone Project


Self-Grading Quizzes


Unit Dedicated to Internships

Careers Explored

In this course, students explore six different orbital careers in and around esports:


Esports Player/Manager


Event Planning and Sponsorship

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Esports Analyst

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Agent, Lawyer, Player Advocate


Game Developer


Shoutcaster, Streamer

For each orbital career, students will:


Review a day-in-the-life interview with somebody in that career

problem solving

Understand the hard and soft skills required to work in this profession

Distance learning

Identify the key goals and requirements (academic and professional) to enter the career field

Distance learning

Debate a contested topic in this career field with a classmate

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Hardware/Software Rrequirements

  • Laptop or desktop running Windows or macOS
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Headphones
keyboard and headset
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