Meet an Esports Physical Therapist: Dr. Matt Hwu from 1HP

Join us for an enlightening webinar in our Careers in Esports series featuring Dr. Matt Hwu, CEO and founder of 1HP.

Meet an Esports Physical Therapist: Dr. Matt Hwu from 1HP

Dr. Hwu has extensively contributed to the esports community by supporting athletes in optimizing their physical condition for gaming. He is also an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist with a deep-rooted interest in biomechanics and physical health.

Dr. Hwu’s journey is a testament to the diverse career paths within esports. After completing his Physical Therapy education and an Orthopedic Residency, he embarked on a unique path that combined his love for gaming and healthcare, including launching the innovative 1HP - a platform that focuses on providing accessible healthcare to gamers and desk workers.

This is a must-attend for students and educators alike, providing a unique perspective on the expanding realm of esports careers, far beyond the conventional roles of players and coaches!

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November 28, 2023
4:00 pm
Dr. Matt Hwu

About Our Panelist(s):

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Dr. Matt Hwu

Dr. Matt Hwu is a distinguished figure in the esports and healthcare industries, recognized for his pioneering role as an Esports Physical Therapist and the CEO and founder of 1HP, a program designed to provide accessible care for gamers and desk workers. His career is marked by a unique blend of expertise in orthopedic physical therapy and a lifelong passion for gaming.

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