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Our esports curriculum is built to make learning fun. From video game math and coding your own games to career exploration in esports and STEM, our academic esports courses are easy to teach and come in versatile implementation options.

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Explore our Gaming and Esports Curriculum

We offer a wide range of courses in esports and STEM, designed for varying grade levels. Engage disinterested learners and build college and career pathways by offering esports courses at your school.

Grades 3-12

Pathway Esports

Students and teachers alike learn everything they need to start and run a competitive esports team at their school.

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Grades 7-12

Career Explorations in Esports

Students explore a variety of high-paying professions inside the dynamic, multi-billion dollar industry of esports.

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A young student playing video games.

Grades 6-8

Introduction to Game Development

Students with no prior coding experience learn how to conceptualize, design and build their very own game using JavaScript.

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A view of a castle built on the water with a boat, built in Minecraft.

Grades 3-5

Through the Ages with Minecraft

Journey through time and explore ancient cultures inside of Minecraft.

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An adult helping a young student playing video games on his computer.

Grades 3-8


Use video games as a vehicle for standard-based math instruction.

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Young students learning using tablets.

Grades 3-5

Computer Science Essentials

In this broad introduction to technology, students are introduced to fundamental computer science concepts and learn how to safely navigate the web.

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Secure, Turn-Key Courseware

Our courseware, created to seamlessly facilitate the teaching of our curriculum, empowers both educators and students to teach and learn coding in a way that's accessible, engaging, and enriching

Seamless SSO and Rostering through Popular SIS’s

Our Classroom platform supports SSO (Single Sign-On) and rostering with some of the most popular LMS’s and SIS’s including Canvas, Schoology, Google Classroom, Blackboard, Moodle, and Classlink.

Interactive Learning with Self-Grading Quizzes

Students receive immediate feedback on their performance thanks to our self-grading quizzes. Each quiz question comes with a detailed explanation, aiding comprehension and ensuring students learn from their mistakes in real-time.

Extensive Learning Resources and Additional Content

Explore a wealth of learning resources tailored to support diverse learning styles including follow-along videos, curated vocabulary lists, written lesson summaries, additional materials, and class discussion boards.

Pathway Esports

A Comprehensive Esports Toolkit

With the Pathway Esports curriculum, students and schools will have everything they need to start and run their very own esports team and compete in local and national tournaments.

Starting an esports team

Effective practice and training

Healthy gaming habits

How to host and run tournaments

College and career opportunities

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Teach Standards-Based Math With Video Games

GamerMath™ make academic concepts more interesting to students by placing them into the context of their favorite video games. By capturing their attention with video games, we give students a reason to care about what they're learning. Meet your students where they are with our academic esports and STEM courses.

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Introduction to Game Development

Turn your Gamers into Makers

Channel your students' passion for video games into a broader interest in technology and programming. Introduction to Game Development is the perfect way for students to take their first steps into coding as they conceptualize, design, and build their own games.

No prior experience necessary

Embedded STEM connections

Video-based modules

Project-based learning

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Our K-12 Esports Programs in Action

See what our customers have to say about us.

“The biggest thing that I've learned through working with the students and going through the curriculum is building a team and working on communication skills. Those are skills that not only help them within the classroom but they can also take outside of school and into the real world.”

Steven Van Smaalen

Math Teacher, Santiago M.S.

“The students learn a lot...a considerable amount about teamwork, and how to win, and how to lose, and how to be respectful...from the parent side, I really really liked the program.”


Parent of Esports Student

“It's not just kids playing video games, there's more to it. Don't be afraid to try something new. It can really give students who don't have a place to fit in an area where this is their forte. Something that will help them connect in the education process.”

Jim D'Agostino

Principal, Santiago M.S.

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