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Education Experts and Esports Veterans Join to Form America's Premiere Academic Esports League

May 16, 2023

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Mastery Coding, education experts creating cutting-edge curriculum, and Rally Cry, esports veterans with decades of experience, are coming together to announce the launch of the United States Academic Esports League (USAEL). Poised to be America’s premier academic esports league, The USAEL believes in a better future through gaming and seeks to empower students, schools, and educators with the best tools to create that future. About the USAELIn a world changed by technology, the USAEL strives to help students use their passion for video games to take advantage of opportunities for internships, scholarships, and pathways to high-paying careers in STEM. The companies created the USAEL with three foundational pillars in mind: competitions that engage, curricula that inspire, and careers that empower.

“The USAEL is changing the k12 esports experience for students by providing a full solution which encompasses the 3 C's- Curriculum, Careers, and Competition. We make starting and building your esports program a breeze and bring a team of experienced educators, coaches, and industry experts to you and your students”-Dr. Katrina Adkins, USAEL Vice-President


With access to today’s most popular titles, including Fortnite, Overwatch 2, and Rocket League, opportunities for competition, prizes, and sponsorships are available through an industry-vetted platform trusted by partners in the NFL, U.S. Air Force, and Riot Games. Schools around the nation will be able to join the league through multiple entry points, opt in to weekly scrims with similarly skilled opponents, and compete at local and national tournaments. Seasonal league play, tournaments, and age-appropriate game play within the bell schedule, all right here within the USAEL program.


With unlimited access for all students at a given school, the USAEL provides curricula that help schools start, run, and manage esports teams, explore STEM career opportunities, offer an introduction to coding and game development, and engage students with character-based SEL modules via project-based learning.


An emphasis on career and college readiness is embedded through sponsorships, workforce internships, college scholarship opportunities, and career development modules providing experience and preparation in soft and hard skill development. The USAEL allows students to explore a variety of high-paying professions inside the dynamic, multi-billion-dollar industry of esports.

“With esports there are so many orbital careers, you don’t have to become just a professional player. All of these games are made with code so we start right there with the STEM studies and the Engineering. When you channel students’ passion for esports, they’re multidimensional in what they can bring into the workforce.” - Alan Sitomer, Mastery Coding CEO
“More and more schools are coming up, and more and more gamers are appearing. Now school’s are begging for [academic esports]. We’re scholarshipping players and basically catapulting students into careers through video games.” - Adam Rosen, Rally Cry CEO

About Mastery Coding

Founded by a California Teacher of the Year award winner, Mastery Coding™ empowers students to meet the challenges of tomorrow through intelligent technology education. Creating standards-based computer science, coding, and STEM curricula that combine critical thinking and project-based learning. Mastery Coding aims to meet students where they are with turn-key solutions for K-12 schools. Mastery Coding’s mission is to provide a pathway for schools, teachers, and students to transition to cross-disciplinary, standards-based, efficacious computer science instruction. We are educators in technology, not technologists in education.

About Rally Cry

Rally Cry, a gaming technology company located in Southern California, builds inclusive gaming experiences for players of all ages and skill levels. The company’s platform and leagues offer organized ways for gamers to connect, play, and compete with each other. Rally Cry’s industry-veteran engineers, designers, and visionaries are passionate about academic esports and have produced some of the most iconic events in esports. The team believes gaming is a force for good and focuses on building esports through community. Rally Cry has partnered with organizations such as the US Air Force, Learfield, Boy Scouts of America, Van Wagner, and National Football League. Rally cry partners with organizations to engage their communities through games, from local game nights to some of the world's most exhilarating year-round esports leagues. Their mission is to build esports for everyone.

Learn more about the USAELwww.usacademicespors.com

Learn more about the TechEd Podcastwww.techedpodcast.com


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