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Esports Tips: 5 Skills Every Team Needs to Succeed

December 8, 2022

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Your team is finally assembled. This group of yours is impressive, filled with a diverse collection of athletes. Each member brings unique strengths, and you’re confident you’ll finally be able to place in tournaments after a bit of preparation. The first practice is flawless, but you can’t help but wonder, “How can I make sure my team succeeds?”

Fun Fact: Successful esports players aren’t just good at the game. The best of the best are also superb at being team players.

Discover the top five skills your team needs to level-up:


The best esports teams have excellent communication skills. They know how to give and receive instructions, develop team strategies, and support each other through wins and losses. Without good communication in a team, players will find it incredibly difficult to cooperate well with each other. Instead of efficiently working towards a common goal, they’re more likely to get in each other’s way.

Emotional Health

Having solid emotional health within a team is essential. Players who are confident, relaxed, and focused have a better chance of playing their best! It’s essential to avoid getting tilted in tournaments. If players begin to focus on their frustrations instead of the games they’re playing, they can spiral further into tilt territory. One of the best ways to avoid tilt is to start games with a good mindset. Successful teams take note of this and make sure their team members are taking care of themselves.

Physical Health

Just like with any other sport, esports players need to keep their bodies healthy. Regular exercise can help reduce stress, speed up thinking, and increase energy. All of these are huge advantages to have during tournaments!

It’s also crucial that players drink enough water during sessions, give their eyes a break from harsh screens, and make sure they’re stretching out every once in a while. Successful teams know that any ache, pain, or physical distraction could cost them a win. To combat this, they make sure that their body is well-maintained!

Feedback Reception

No gamer plays perfectly every round. Even the professionals mess up sometimes! As an esports player, it’s important to acknowledge mistakes, accept feedback from others, and then constructively apply their advice.

The best teams aren’t perfect. Instead, it’s the teams who constantly try to improve, teach each other, and use each game to learn! If your team wants to go pro, focus on fostering a team culture that’s full of receptive learners and constructive teachers.

A Healthy Competitive Mindset

No matter how excellent your team is, you can’t expect to win 100% of the time. It can hurt to lose some games, especially when you’ve given your all in a round! Practice losing with grace. Remember, you likely joined a team because you adore playing the game! And besides, each loss will make your next win that much sweeter.

When you do win, remember that the other team might be going through some hard feelings of their own. Win with grace, too! A successful team has fans, and no fan wants to root for a team that gloats every time they triumph.


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