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New Elementary Esports Course Uses Minecraft and the Science of Reading to Boost ELA Scores

August 7, 2023

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The United States Academic Esports League (USAEL) has announced the launch of an innovative new curriculum designed to revolutionize elementary education through the power of gaming. "Elementary Esports: Through The Ages With Minecraft," is a brand new program that combines the immersive world of Minecraft with a turn-key, academic curriculum and interactive components. The course is offered as a part of the USAEL’s comprehensive academic esports bundle for schools.

“The USAEL’s new ‘Through The Ages With Minecraft’ course provides an innovative way to teach critical skills to students,” said Adam Rosen, CEO of Rally Cry. “In-classroom curriculum alongside structured competitions offers an amazing way to harness the power of gaming to bridge in-classroom and extracurricular education in a fun, educational, and structured environment.”

In the course, students embark on a journey through history with custom, individually designed Minecraft worlds, and evolving lessons that incorporate the science of reading. As students progress through the course, they "level up" and unlock new technologies, such as stone and iron, while exploring the history of cultures throughout the ages and discovering familiar historical sites. This unique approach of using students’ passion for gaming transforms standard lessons into an adventure, making learning fun and engaging.

In addition to history and ELA through Minecraft, the USAEL also includes lesson plans that cover the essentials of computer science, orbital careers in esports, and the foundations of game development. Students can learn about the fundamental concepts of coding, computational thinking, and problem-solving in a fun and accessible way, equipping them with valuable skills for the digital age. All USAEL curriculum is delivered through USAEL’s industry-vetted learning management system, providing video-based lessons, activities, and self-grading assignments with real-time data on student success. The USAEL supports integrations for more than 15 of the most popular Learning Management Systems available, including Schoology, Canvas, Google Classroom, Blackboard, Clever, and more.

Build Competitions

In addition, the program features regular build competitions for participating schools. These competitions have been designed to encourage students to express their creativity by planning and building themed structures within their Minecraft worlds. This format adds a thrilling element of friendly competition to the learning process and empowers students' ingenuity while promoting teamwork and collaboration, vital additions for engagement and learning.

Access the Course

USAEL offers full professional development and year-round support for educators, ensuring they are well-equipped. Join the revolution of gaming in elementary education with "Elementary Esports: Through The Ages With Minecraft." To learn more about the program or request a demo, visit www.usacademicesports.com or contact the team at hello@usacademicesports.com.

About The USAEL:

The United States Academic Esports League (USAEL) is a comprehensive esports program offered to elementary, middle, and high school students. The program, hosted by education experts Mastery Coding, and esports veterans Rally Cry, is committed to enhancing the academic experience of students through the power of gaming. With a fully integrated program including: year-round competition, in-classroom and after school curriculum, and career development, USAEL aims to revolutionize education by integrating gaming into the classroom.


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