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Unlocking the Educational Potential of Esports: A Guide for Teachers on Launching Esports Programs

July 7, 2023

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Professional players and teams are competing for millions of dollars in prize money in the rapidly growing esports industry. Esports, however, offers significant educational potential in addition to high-stakes competition. For educators looking to begin their very own esports program, we’ve put together a thorough primer on starting esports initiatives in educational institutions. We will also demonstrate how the United States Academic Esports League (USAEL) is using esports as a STEM/CTE curriculum tool. Consider a program that channels your students' passions for gaming, into learning, and career and college readiness.

Step 1: Research The Industry

Understanding esports' many facets, such as popular games, leagues, and the industry as a whole, is crucial before diving in. Spend some time learning about esports and how it can be used as a teaching tool to become familiar with its educational potential. The USAEL provides helpful materials for integrating esports into K–12 environments, focusing on the relationship between gaming and STEM/CTE learning goals. With our turnkey programming, anyone can start a coaching business.

Step 2: Identify Resources And Support

Funding, equipment, and training are all necessary for the launch of an esports program. By collaborating with the USAEL, you can gain access to a comprehensive esports platform that not only offers competitive gaming but also a STEM/CTE subject curriculum. This inclusive approach creates an opportunity for anyone to start an esports program that's meaningful. Whatever resource you choose, make sure it is the best fit for the size and financial situation of your school. Additionally, look into grant and sponsorship possibilities to aid in funding your program, and make contact with nearby companies or parent-teacher associations for additional assistance.

Step 3: Engage With School Administrators And IT Staff

You'll need the support of school administrators and IT staff to successfully implement an esports program. Talk to them about the advantages of esports for education, especially the USAEL's focus on STEM/CTE learning, and address any questions or difficulties they may have. Work together with the IT team to make sure that the required hardware and high-speed internet are in place.

Step 4: Develop A Plan

Develop a plan explaining how you will incorporate esports and the USAEL program into your classroom or school with the help of your school.

Think about the following:

  • Which sports will you use, and which leagues? - Make sure they are age-appropriate and support learning objectives. Middle school students can choose from a variety of competitions and leagues offered by USAEL.
  • How will esports be included in the curriculum? - Use the USAEL curricular tools to tie gaming to STEM/CTE learning objectives. Take into account interdisciplinary connections.
  • How do you intend to assist students? - Create plans for mentoring, coaching, and dealing with possible problems like screen time and digital citizenship.

Step 5: Engage With Students And Parents

To create a successful esports program, you need buy-in from students and parents. With the academic esports program you can communicate the educational benefits of esports and the unique advantages of the USAEL program, addressing any concerns or misconceptions they may have. Instead of going to your parents and educators with an idea of a gaming program, consider the idea of an academic esports program. Seek their input and support in shaping the program to ensure it meets the needs and interests of your school community. So, now that you have a general structure on how to start a program, why is the United States Academic Esports League the best option for you? Wherever you are on the journey of bringing esports to your school, we are here to help. Need to start an esports program? We have everything you need. Already have an esports program? We help teams and players take their game to the next level. Want to provide career and academic opportunities? We have award-winning, standards-aligned PBL courses.

On top of many other benefits inside and outside the classroom for students:

  1. Engaging Students: Esports offers an interactive and motivating learning experience, capturing students' attention and keeping them interested in their studies. when you are able to leverage a hobby that at least 90% of your students have participated in then engagement in subjects like math and science are less of an issue.
  2. Supporting Personalized Learning: Esports can be tailored to individual students' needs and interests, providing customized content and challenges that promote growth and learning. The USAEL's curriculum resources support this approach.
  3. Enhancing Collaboration: Esports fosters collaboration and communication among students, creating a more interactive and engaging learning environment. team sports are generally reserved for outgoing and athletic students. Esports provides an opportunity for students who have never been a part of a team before to learn what it means to collaborate and work together towards a goal.
  4. Promoting Problem-solving and Critical Thinking: Esports encourages kids to think critically and solve issues, fostering the development of these crucial abilities and advancing student learning. Through gaming-related activities, the STEM/CTE curriculum of the USAEL promotes problem-solving and critical thinking.
  5. Improving Retention and Recall: Enhancing Retention and Recall: Studies have shown that esports can help students learn by enhancing their ability to remember and retain material.The curriculum resources provided by the USAEL use gaming to reinforce lessons.
  6. Linking esports and STEM/CTE: The USAEL's emphasis on STEM/CTE learning objectives gives students the chance to understand how their love of gaming is used in the real world, encouraging them to choose future careers in these subjects.

Start an esports program in your school today, and take advantage of the potential of esports to inspire students' passion for gaming while fostering a supportive and stimulating learning environment. In the exciting world of esports, you can drastically alter the educational environment at your school, turning gamers into makers!

About The USAEL:

The United States Academic Esports League (USAEL) is a leading provider of esports curriculum, committed to enhancing the academic experience of students through the power of gaming. With a focus on competition, curriculum, and careers, USAEL aims to revolutionize education by integrating gaming into the classroom.

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